Adding NEW Power Supply to the Atom line, the ATOM v2!!

I'm so excited to introduce the newest member of the Atom family of power supplies by commodore4ever, the Atom v2.




The Atom v2 is a rock solid new design with lots of power...5vdc @ 4amps and 9vac @ 1amp. The Atom v2 comes with a power switch and usb power port. The one pictured is a prototype with the final version beginning production next week! 

To celebrate the release of the v2, we will bring back the original metal case Atom for a limited time! 

Check the store often as they will be ready SOON!!


  • @Kerry -
    Yes, it has more than enough. I have used mine to power a 128 with a SuperCPU, RamLink, reu, wifi modem…etc. No issue at all.

    This is for the original 8bit commodore computers. The reason for the USB port is so you can power accessories such as a zoomfloppy, wifi modem, piDrive, etc…..

  • will this have enough power for a FULLY loaded C128???

  • Is this a replacement power supply for the old 1980’s/1990’s 8 bit “original” Commodore 64’s or for an Ultimate 64 (or something similar). If it’s for the 8 bit C-64’s why a USB port? Can’t see the power connectors in your photos not sure what I’m looking at.


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