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Warning to the retro community about a long time scammer and con man SEAN ROBINSON *If you want info on this guy google Sean Robinson Scammer and you’ll get a lot of good reading*. Please be warned when doing any type of deal with this guy.  He has a very long criminal history. I suggest watching my video about him here
This fella runs the Commodore Computer Club- Vancouver, WA – Portland, OR
They meet the first Friday of the month. Next meeting is January 3rd (that's tonight) at 6pm at Pied Piper Pizza
12300 NE Fourth Plain Blvd # E, Vancouver, WA 98682
He also runs the Commodore Computer Club group here on FaceBook

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  • I have also had an issue with with guy. I bought a huge lot of Commodore related stuff from him and he never delivered. Took him to Small Claims Court (Clark County Washington Case No. 20C2401-3). He tried to lie his way through the trial, but with my evidence (he is a very sloppy conman/scammer) the judge ruled in my favor. I did collect all the money plus court fees. He also tried to pull a fast one on me after the trial, where he had pretend fake lawyer dress me down over how the repayment was going to happen. The funny part was he tired to offer me Commodore hardware has part of his repayment.


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