FPGASID The better SID

FPGASID The better SID

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I purchased these a while back and never hooked them up. They are brand new!

Visit http://www.fpgasid.de/ for product info.

FPGASID - The ultimate SID replacement for your C64!

Why is FPGASID the better SID?
  • Accurate replication of the original SID MOS6581 and MOS8580
  • Exact reproduction of the digital sound generation part
  • Advanced models for all 6581 non-linearities
Many extra features on top of the original SID
  • FPGASID includes two fully functional SIDs for 6-voice stereo sound
  • Perfect audio quality - much better than the original SID!
  • Pseudo stereo mode mixes traditional tunes or game sounds to stereo
  • Digitize the analog input to 8-bit samples (in your own software)
  • Sample playback of 8-bit samples (in your own software)
  • Nice light organ effect visible when mounted in transparent case
  • Paddles readout even more accurate than the original SID
High compatibility
  • Works in any C64/SX64 or C128
  • Works with any software written for standard single SID computers
  • Works with large existing software base for dual SID stereo tunes
  • Paddle and 1351 Mouse support
  • Analog input EXTIN fully supported
Easy configuration with the software tool ConfiGuru
  • Individual configuration of every SID
  • Easy- and Expert configuration modes
  • Save up to two configuration sets permanently in flash memory
  • Easy update to new firmware directly on your C64
  • Diagnostic function to troubleshoot hardware problems
Easy installation
  • Installation done in 20 minutes
  • No soldering required for all main features (except external configuration switch, if needed)
  • Much smaller than traditional stereo boards thus avoiding installation trouble
Cable Options
  • FPGASID standard version includes all internal cables for use in a C64 or SX64
  • To use FPGASID in a C128 you will need an extra cable. Please choose 'C128' option to order this option
  • We recommend our 'audio/video breakout cable' to access all video and audio signals with standard RCA receptacles. Including the second SID's audio output for stereo sound