Wormhole (PAL)

Wormhole (PAL)

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This is a top secret mission.

Briefing: In the year of 2035, scientists at the HADRONICS research facility managed to successfully create a WORMHOLE.

It connected the Earth to an alien planet far away in the universe. However, shortly afterwards, hostile aliens invaded the laboratory and kidnapped the Professor, who is the only person capable of stopping the experiment.
Equipped with a rocket-driven Hazmat suit, you have to make your way through the research facilities, go through the WORMHOLE and rescue the Professor.

  • side scrolling jump and shoot platformer
  • four different weapon systems
  • horizontal and vertical jet-pack boosters
  • 15 carefully designed, challenging levels
  • turn based two player mode
  • built-in trainer
  • support for two additional joystick buttons (modification instructions included)

The box editionen in detail:

Disk Edition
  • the geniune game on diskette
  • your A5 emergency briefing documents (top secret - please handle with care)
  • highly specialized equipment for your assignment in the form of a notebook with pencil from HADRONICS and a compass (this item is critical for determining your current position relative to the research facility after entering the wormhole)

Cartridge Edition
  • the Wormhole cartridge
  • all of the above items except for the diskette

Disk and Cartridge Edition
  • all of the above items
  • an additional multi-tool with many potentially life saving components

Also available:
Wormhole poster

Wormhole is not NTSC compatible.